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An Editor's Job

Clippers, not chainsaws


A lot of people imagine editors as ruthless hack-and-slashers who edit out everything you loved about your work. So, let me put your mind at ease. An editor’s job is a bit like being a gardener. They work to help you pull out the weeds, prune back the overgrown bits, and showcase the most beautiful plants in your garden. No hacking, no slashing. Just some pruning and shaping to bring out the best of what’s already there. A good editor wants to preserve what makes your novel uniquely yours.

I can help you look at your novel with fresh eyes and a new perspective. All writers, myself included, can get stuck in the weeds when writing. And when we’ve poured our hearts into our work, it can be so hard to hear that it isn’t perfect just as it is!


That’s why I’m here; to be an honest and compassionate source of feedback to help you showcase the strengths in your writing and help you work on the areas that need a bit more love. 

What else does a good editor need to do?


White Paper

- Stark Holborn, author of Advanced Triggernometry

"Anouchka is an incredibly versatile editor, who gave some of the best editorial feedback I have ever received, with insightful comments and pin-point accurate stylistic observations."

Be on your wavelength

I also think it’s important to work with an editor who gets you and your work. If you love SFF, it’s important to find an editor who does too. Not only will they know the parameters you’re working within and will understand any genre-bending you might do, but they will genuinely love your project. You can be sure that positive comments will be sincere and constructive feedback will be carefully considered and will take in account your intended audience and your work’s message.

This is especially important if you’re looking to develop a long-term working relationship with an editor, where you might want them to assess several drafts, or do a developmental edit followed by line-editing. Like many other working relationships, an author has to trust their editor’s opinion and know that they’re working towards the same goal with the same vision.

Open to all

I am also keen to work with writers from marginalised communities. I love queer fiction and can bring an informed perspective on LGBTQIA issues, so you can be sure you're working with someone who will understand and engage with these subjects in your work. I am also continuing to educate myself about racism, ableism, and neurodivergence so that I can be a better ally. 

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