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'Anouchka is an incredibly versatile editor, who gave some of the best editorial feedback I have ever received, with insightful comments and pin-point accurate stylistic observations.'

- Stark Holborn, author of Advanced Triggernometry

'Anouchka edited my most recent novel and I was delighted with the result. She has a keen eye for detail, makes excellent suggestions to improve the flow of the story and challenges ideas that are clearly not working. Not only is she a superb editor, but also an excellent teacher. I can't recommend her highly enough.'

 -Angelena Boden, author of Love Bytes Back

'I sincerely can't thank you enough for this feedback. It was clear and informative and exactly what I needed. You made me think about things in a new way and brought up points I hadn't previously considered.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.'

-Manuscript evaluation for Kaitlyn

'It is hard to find a skilled, independent manuscript evaluator and so Anouchka was a brilliant discovery. She carefully put together a detailed essay which really made me think about my plot. Her analysis was insightful and the key questions she came up with inspired me to alter my book into a form I am happy with.'

-Manuscript evaluation for Jamie

'Anouchka recently carried out an express evaluation on the first 50 pages of my manuscript.  Her words were easily understood, constructive and supportive. I fully intend on using her services in the near future.'

-Express evaluation for Ann

'I asked Anouchka for feedback on my second novel. I’m so glad I did. Alongside the things I expected, like pointing out where I could usefully rethink some of the text or make it clearer for the reader, I was delighted that she did exactly what I had hoped and gave me useful suggestions of ways to expand the book from its first draft of about 60,000 words. She really engaged with the text and gave me a huge confidence boost in so doing. For circumstantial reasons I hadn’t been able to show my draft to anyone before Anouchka, and I couldn’t have had a more helpful editor. If you’re considering whether to work with her, my wholehearted advice is to do it.'

-Manuscript evaluation for Alex Brianson

'Anouchka provides an exemplary service. When I approached her about evaluating my manuscript, she asked a few questions about my writing and what my expectations were, gave me a price and then set to work. She got back to me promptly with very detailed, accessible and helpful feedback; full of great suggestions and pointing out inconsistencies I hadn’t noticed even after months of editing! I would certainly use her service again, and would recommend her to anyone serious about sending their work to a publisher or agent.'

-Manuscript evaluation for Ross

'I thought Anouchka very thorough in her evaluation of my manuscript. Although at first, I was disheartened by her critique of my work I valued her honesty and in-depth evaluation and took on board the helpful suggestions and advice offered. I would use her very professional service again.'

-Manuscript evaluation for Anouska

'Anouchka provided me with an evaluation of my work. The price was reasonable and she produced the evaluation when she said she would. I found the evaluation precise, complete and honest. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services to anyone and I shall definitely be using them again for my next manuscript.'

-Manuscript evaluation for Diane

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