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Manuscript Evaluations

In a Manuscript Evaluation you will receive a document from me with a detailed analysis of your manuscript. I will give you feedback on the aspects of your novel that work well and the areas that need further development. I may also make suggestions on possible ways to develop aspects of your novel, but these are only my thoughts and you are under no obligation to make the changes I suggest. The aim of my feedback is to give you a fresh and informed perspective on your work so that you can carry out your own redrafting and editing.


My editorial feedback will address:

•    plot structure and development
•    characterisation and development
•    general notes on your style and use of literary techniques
•    research and realism
•    world-building
•    and advice on possible next steps, according to your personal writing goals.

This is a great option for newer writers who are still building confidence and learning what their strengths and weaknesses are. My feedback is always tailored and while I do touch on many of the same subjects that authors need guidance on, such as plot structure and characterisation, I always do so with direct reference and consideration for your  character and your story. 

A manuscript evaluation won't address your writing style in an in-depth way, but I will make general notes. For example, if you have a tendency to overuse certain words. I aim here to draw your attention to your own writing quirks so that you can work on refining your style.

Contact me for a quote for your Manuscript Evaluation.

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