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Developmental Editing

Developmental editing addresses your whole manuscript, like in a manuscript evaluation, but on a deeper level. You’ll also get a degree of line-editing, where I address specific moments in the text. It isn’t a full line-edit because the author usually makes significant changes after a developmental edit, such as moving chapters around, rewriting some sections, or rethinking character arcs. To get the most out of a line-edit, you’d need to have already developed your novel.

Developmental editing addresses:

•    plot structure and development
•    characterisation and development
•    description and style
•    research and realism
•    world-building
•    and advice on your next steps, according to your personal writing goals.

This is great if you’re serious about self-publishing and have a manuscript draft you feel confident in. Where a manuscript evaluation is an editorial overview, this is an edit taken to the next level which will allow you to work on details as well as the structural aspects of your novel. There's also scope here for me to give feedback on multiple drafts as you make changes. Given this is a more significant undertaking, please get in touch with me if you're considering developmental editing and we can discuss your specific needs.

Contact me for a quote for Developmental Editing.

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